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Who is Alex Annesty?

In addition to writing, I have a day job at the moment. This situation will continue until I can earn a sufficient amount from writing to do it full time.

I live in the beautiful Peak District, in the UK, where I eat fish and chips, drink beer and worship the ukulele.

What does Alex Annesty do?

I submit poems, articles, comedy sketches etc. to a number of on-line resources, plus more traditional agents, publishers, TV companies etc. I also write and record music in a converted coal cellar.

Back in September 2011 I picked up a commission to research and write all the content for a smartphone / tablet app and e-book. The subject of the work is one of the biggest names in rock and pop history. I completed the first draft in February 2013 and had all the material finished and compiled by August 2013. Since then the tortuous but essential editing process seems to have dominated my life as much as the research and writing did. In the meantime, artist / management discussions have taken place on and off throughout 2013. Currently, it seems that the project will be officially endorsed by them and I look forward to announcing its publication soon. The current plan is to release it in time for Christmas, but I was told that last year...

I contribute to the following on-line media (some more frequently than others):

  • Ukebloke's Ukeblog - my semi-regular blog, written under the user name 'ukebloke'.
  • Colin goes to Zobeland - my novel in progress. Here you can find out all about the novel and read the latest draft on-line.
  • Zobeland diary - another blog of sorts, created originally to document the progress of my writing the novel 'Colin goes to Zobeland', this diary tends to cover whatever I'm writing at the time. It captures the moments that new ideas develop, my diversions into occasional minor side projects, plus a more major one, which brought about my steady march towards publication as a factual writer. All of these, of course, incurred further delays in the development of CGTZ, but I'll get there one day.
  • The Zobe - a discussion forum for 'Colin goes to Zobeland'.
  • Meet the author - promotional pages for my work.
  • Facebook - Alex Annesty's rather neglected social networking presence. I must do something with this as soon as I can find some time.
  • Twitter - My microblogging home. The original intention was to use it for short poems and announcements. At the moment I just tend to tweet the occasional haiku.
  • Halfbakery - I've contributed a few suggestions for this wonderfully silly site under the user name 'nononoyes'. Please note, since I first created this user name at Halfbakery, it has appeared on quite a few other sites and forums; as far as I know, none of them have anything to do with me.
  • 1,000,000 Monkeys Typing - I discovered this site back in 2008 and decided to get involved. It was a brilliant implementation of an idea I've been toying with for ages, but they did it far more effectively than I ever could have. Using a sort of 'exquisite corpse' principle, it allowed anyone to contribute to and influence the development of stories - this is a lame explanation of a brilliant idea - the best way to understand it would be to have a look and get your own creative juices flowing. Sadly, it disappeared some time in 2011 and I haven't been able to track down its creators so far. The URL was, but that just leads to a parked page now, so the domain has clearly been allowed to expire; what a shame.
  • - I've posted some of my poetry & short stories on this writers' site.

You can listen to a sample of some of my songs at my MP3 music page.

Please have a look and/or listen and if you like any of my work, let you friends know and send me some feedback.

Why the 'Ukebloke' nickname?

Why 'ukebloke'? Well, although I play the guitar and piano / keyboards, I adore the ukulele and often travel with one; it's possible to play one quietly in an hotel room, without disturbing one's neighbours, and I defy anyone to play a uke without smiling.

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