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Music equipment manuals

A lot of the music kit I've accumulated over the years is now 'vintage'. Although I have the manuals for everything I bought new, I've acquired a few things second-hand and had to forage around for the documentation later. Having made the effort to find user guides and service manuals I thought I might as well upload them to my website, in case anyone else finds them useful. Also, I've scanned and uploaded some manuals I have original copies of and which I've received requests for.

Keyboards and synthesizers


Yamaha DX7IIFD / DX7IID Owner's ManualYamaha DX7IIFD / DX7IID Owner's Manual

Yamaha DX7IIFD / DX7IID Service ManualYamaha DX7IIFD / DX7IID Service Manual

Yamaha DX7s

Yamaha DX7s Owner's ManualYamaha DX7s Owner's Manual

In addition to the DX7s owner's manual, I've also created some documentation of my own, detailing areas not covered in the original manual. This includes:

Yamaha DX7

Yamaha DX7 Owner's ManualYamaha DX7 Owner's Manual

Yamaha DX7 / DX9

Yamaha DX7 / DX9 Service ManualYamaha DX7 / DX9 Service Manual

Yamaha TX802

Yamaha TX802 Owner's ManualYamaha TX802 Owner's Manual

Yamaha PSS-680

Not available yet

Music computers and software

Yamaha CX5MII/128

Not available yet

Yamaha CX5MII

Yamaha CX5MII Owner's ManualYamaha CX5MII Owner's Manual

Yamaha CX-5MII Service ManualYamaha CX-5MII Service Manual

Yamaha CX-5MU Service ManualYamaha CX-5MU Service Manual

Yamaha CX5M

Yamaha CX5M Owner's ManualYamaha CX5M Owner's Manual

Yamaha CX5M Cartridges & Peripherals

Yamaha YRM-103 Owner's ManualYamaha YRM-103 Owner's Manual

Yamaha FD-05 / FD-051 Service ManualYamaha FD-05 / FD-051 Service Manual

Expanders and modules

Yamaha TG100

Not available yet

Yamaha TX802

Yamaha TX802 Owner's ManualYamaha TX802 Owner's Manual

Roland CR-1000

Not available yet

Home studio / recording equipment

Tascam Porta 05 HS

Not available yet

Alesis 1622 Mixer

Alesis 1622 Mixer Reference Manual / Owner's ManualAlesis 1622 Mixer Reference Manual / Owner's Manual

Alesis Microverb III

Not available yet


Peavey Bandit 112 Single Unit Guitar Amp

Peavey Bandit 112 Operating Guide / Owner's ManualPeavey Bandit 112 Operating Guide / Owner's Manual

Peavey Bandit 112 tone settings blankPeavey Bandit 112 tone settings blank

Please note:
All the manuals available on this website are, as far as I'm aware, out of print and/or for obsolete equipment. If you are the copyright holder of a manual on this website and would like me to remove it, please let me know via the Contact Page.

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